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steamy_stitches's Journal

Steampunk Buy & Sell Community
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Shameless promotion and magpie-esque aquisitiveness.
I'm starting this community as an offshoot of Steamfashion. Please be gentle with me, as I've never managed an LJ Community before.

I would like this to be the place where you can shamelessly promote your steamy goodness.

*Etsy promos and Etsy Minis

*Ebay Auctions

*Stuff you made

*and stuff you've found online that may be of interest

*stuff you may be looking for to complete your outfit

*stuff that you're willing to trade for

When you are first joining us, it would be appreciated if you introduced yourself, and told us a bit about how you came to be interested in steampunk fashion. Please tell us about your work and why you feel that it would be a good fit with steam inspired wardrobes. If you think that your work "might" be considered steamy in "some way", then it probably isn't.

There are already plenty of fetish and goth fashion communities. Please keep your posts REVEVANT to the Steampunk aesthetic. I'm not interested in being a heavy handed mod, but I will try to keep this on topic. Posts with kawaii cell phone charms WILL be deleted!

If you want to brag about your latest outfit, advertise your club event, or discuss steampunk style, then Steamfashion is a better place to do that. Steamy_Stitches is a purely "Free Market" arena.

Oh, and for the love of dialup, please try to keep your posts to ONE photo up front, and the rest behind the cut. Your friends will thank you for it. :-)

Since I am a confirmed Luddite and fairly new at this com-poo-ter stuff, please feel free to jump in and offer advice and assistance.

Your very humble servant,

Ms. Grace, Milliner at Large